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Serving Southern California
Including Los Angeles County, Orange County & San Diego County
We provide a wide range of outdoor surfacing, site furnishings, shade sails, and playground equipment preparation and installation
Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Low maintenance, custom designed Golf Courses which are very affordable, especially in terms of maintenance and requires no water, chemicals, or fertilizers.
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Commercial Playground Equipment

We can provide custom designed playground designs in 3D and 2D color renderings as well as site plans. We can work with your landscape architect or provide one for the project.
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Synthetic Turf Fields & Lawns

Synthetic Turf Fields & Lawns

We provide complete installations of indoor/outdoor soccer fields, football fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, common areas, and residential synthetic turf fields.
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Shade Sails

Shade Sails

Shade systems that will significantly lower temperatures, provide up to 98% UV protection, and up to 98% shade.
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ServicesOnly quality construction materials

Poured In Place (PIP) seamless rubber safety surfacing system.

Using California waste tires as the cushion layer and virgin EPDM rubber as the upper wearing layer.

Tested to meet current ASTM Standards.
We understand that the real value of our equipment is the real life experiences that children and families enjoy when they visit a playground. Good planning and innovative equipment are the keys to enhancing that experience… not buckets of money.

Creating PlayValue is central to everything we do. It means that dollar for dollar your school, community or organization is getting the greatest degree of safe, innovative play as is physically possible.
Advantages Over Natural Grass:
  • Low maintenance and can be custom designed.

  • Manufactured and installed with weather-resistant materials and techniques

  • GothamGreens requires only 2 to 3 hours of maintenance a year.

  • Very affordable, especially in terms of maintenance and requires no water, chemicals or fertilizers.

  • Green speeds and undulations can be tuned to suit your preferences and improve your game. We can even match the speed of the greens at your favorite club.

Our unique installation process includes use of the Cramer Power Broom, a GothamGreens exclusive designed to give your surface not only more fiber tips. Using only certified installation experts insures every GothamGreens system meets our high standards and your satisfaction.
All products are designed by industry leading designers and engineers and who possess the special expertise and experience demanded by architects and required by governments. All products are factory warranted with fabrics that last 10 years. The steel frames and related concrete foundations for the shade canopy are designed and engineered in conformance with required building codes and easily withstand the highest wind speeds specified.

Many styles and shapes are available such as: Hip & Multi-Hip Roofs, Full & Semi-Cantilever, Center Post and Cantilever Umbrellas, T-Bar, Hexagonal, Triangular and Hypar Sails, and Multi Sail Configurations. All are custom built to your exact specifications.

Shade products are being used across the USA for many applications and because we are DSA approved, we are a leading supplier to public school districts & colleges in California. We also work directly with architects and designers to help design and specify shade products for use in new construction.


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